Food Metal Detector with high sensitivity: Fe 1.0mm SUS 1.8mm

Food Metal Detector with high sensitivity


Detection method :Balance coil magnetic induction detection
Screen is available
Detection sensitivity: Fe
: Ø 0.8mm SUS: Ø 1.5mm
Alarm mode: The buzzer alarm, the motor automatically stop
,Belt Rewind
Transfer speed
:5-28m/min, NOTE:28m/min is the best speed for sensitivity (Min5m/min ;Max:28m/min)
Polyurethane belt:L3080XW500XH1.5mm,(NOTE: PU material)
Detection height: 10cm,but The effective height :8cm(NOTE:Belt+ supporting plate=2cm)
Detection width: 60cm,but The effective width:50cm((NOTE:The effective width =Belt width =50cm)
Metal Detector size:L152cmX W72cm,X90cm (± 4cm)(NOTE:Height Adjustable)
Metal Detector N.W:140Kg
Body Material
Motor power
220VAC , 50Hz
Wooden box Size
:1650*900*1050mm; G.W:250Kg


Metal Detector

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